Zulus Garden

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Kenny “Zulu” Whitmore spent 28-consecutive years in solitary confinement in Angola (CCR- Closed Cell Restriction). He was moved into a dorm room in 2017 and has excelled ever since. Once on the tier with members of the Angola 3- Herman Wallace, Albert Woodfox and Robert King, Zulu met artist jackie sumell in 2003 and became one of the first Solitary Gardeners. A lover of animals, and one of the few vegetarians in Angola Prison, his first bed consisted of lots of herbs and onions- specifically - catnip, and when asked “why catnip?!” Zulu responded: “… because catnip is said to help calm cats down- it helps with anxiety. We have tons of feral cats in Angola, and we have tons of anxiety in prison— don’t you guys have cats at the Solitary Gardens?! Let ‘em have some catnip then!” Since 2016 Zulu has grown 2-Solitary Gardens at our Andry Street location.

“I’m so proud of you all for giving the students and volunteers the history lesson behind the Solitary Gardens and the 13th Amendment so that they can see for themselves that slavery never ended it just got renamed to prison. For Freedom- Zulu”

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Scroll through the image to see Zulu’s letters, some of his supporters & his abundant garden.