Xavier university

Under the guidance of the ever-amazing and generous Ron Bechet, Solitary Gardens was able to collaborate with a class at Xavier University. Because tending to a garden is durational, relational, these partnerships require nourishment and time to flourish. Xavier’s students are led my Mekayla Urriola who has stepped up as an amazing youth leader and is working with Dennis, our Solitary Gardener. The story of our collaboration can also be seen in the beautiful short by Rava Films, accessible here.

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The Build Out

Xavier students (and a few volunteers from Dillard) rocked it out and completed most of the garden in ONE DAY! After the Revolutionary Mortar cured, they were excited to plant Dennis’ first Solitary Garden, which included honeysuckle, marigolds, sunflowers and watermelon.

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See documentation of the process below. To see the successes and failures of Dennis’ Solitary Garden during a New Orlean’s summer, peep here. We will have more to come in 2019!