Sidewalk Ends

Sidewalk Ends Farm

We are so thankful to our community partner, Whipple Farms, NOLA for introducing us to Sidewalk Ends Farm in Providence RI. Sidewalk Ends Farm was founded by three young women in the spring of 2011 on a 5000-square foot vacant lot in Providence’s Armory Park neighborhood. In 2014 they expanded our operation to two acres in Seekonk, MA. They grow their vegetables without chemicals, and sell them at farmers markets, to our neighbors through a CSA, and to local restaurants. SEF, created a very special relationship with their Solitary Gardener, Arya Serenity— a transwoman who is destined for release in January 2019! Arya’s garden is in the ground and when she comes home, she will work with SEF to grow another garden for one of the people she met inside.

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Building in the rain

The New England weather put our ( R)evolutionary Mortar to the test! (the sugarcane, cotton, tobacco, hydraulic lime mix that we build the Solitary Gardens with). So far the walls have held up and at the back of this beautiful urban farm sits a Solitary Garden! We were SO GRATEFUL to work with the folks who came to the build out— most especially Laura Brown Lavoie who graciously organized the build out and hosted Rod, jackie and The Garrison for the duration.

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