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Arya Serenity

Solitary Confinement is the go-to method of punishment for so-called “other”. Folks who identify as queer, openly gay, are suffering from mental illness or are transgender. Solitary Gardener Arya Serenity is a transwoman who is prison in Rhode Island. Arya is working with the amazing Side Walk Ends Farm in Providence Rhode Island. Central to her garden is a plum tree, ________. She is coming home in January 2019 and will then grow her garden on behalf of a friend she left behind in prison.

"In fact the rot and decay of society and all that is backward is reflected in these penal institutions, where in America, the richest and most powerful nation on Earth, with the so-called best education centers on Earth, can't even remedy the ills of its citizenry and properly care for the mentally ill. Prison punishes poor people for their disabilities, courts pass us by just to meet quotas, and everyone else feeds off the fear, misery, and injustices of the voiceless."  

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