Lloyds Garden

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Lloyd Jarrow

Lloyd was part of the first round of Solitary Gardens where we used weed barriers to illustrate the inhuman conditions of solitary confinement. Since we began this project Lloyd was transferred to a medium security prison in Louisiana and after 22-years of solitary confinement remains vibrant in general population. We were successful with Lloyds beets, peppers, Black-eyed Susans and pansies but failed his Bay leaves and cruciferous vegetables which were meant for another season.

“…its good to know you’re passion about the struggle— in the light of abolishing the inhumane treatment of prisoners in solitary confinement… I went to prison at 16 years old, I couldn’t read or write, I couldn’t defend myself in a court of law, I spent years in solitary confinement “for my own protection” for something I didn’t do, but I didn’t also understand.”

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