Andry Street Year 2

The theme for the Second Year, was experiment. We blessed the Solitary Gardens with an event that also celebrated the release of Albert Woodfox- the last member of the Angola 3 to be released and Herman Wallace’s closest comrade. At the Blessing we heard from Woodfox, Malik Rahim, Nana Sula, jackie sumell and several others. It was truly a blessing. We also revealed the second iteration of Solitary Gardens, made from wood and rope. We used weed barrier to illustrate the contents of the cell (bed/ desk/ toilet-sink combo) a hole-punch hearts for the plants our Solitary Gardener’s chose.

opening woodfox talking.jpg

In the images below you can see the layout of the weed barrier and how nature overpowers the prison-cell-turned-garden bed inspiring us to imagine a landscape with out them.

opening corwd4.jpg
Morning glory2 copy.jpg

Spend time with the images below documenting YEAR two of our development.