Jesse Garden

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Jesse Wilson

Jesse’s garden became famous for its pansies— in 2017 New Orleans experienced an apocolyptic freeze that killed nearly everything in the Solitary Gardens (see pictures in the slide carousal), except Jesse’s pansies. When we sent pictures of the freeze and his resilient little pansies, Jesse responded with such excitement and has included pansies in his designs ever since. Jesse is being held at ADX Florence, considered “the worst prison in America” by Solitary Watch, 80% of this federal prison is underground. Jesse’s positivity and gratitude is a testament to the human spirit and we are honored to grow with him at our site on Andry Street.

“My eyes filled as I look at the images of those gardens, the faces of each mind and soul motivated by love-- Lord knows i have not adequate words. Just, thank you.”

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Scroll through the images to see Jesse’s resident Solitary Gardens and some of his drawings.