The Village

The Village of Arts and Humanities

Based in PHILLY! This was a trifecta of collaboration between the Village, The People’s Paper Co-op and The Urban Creators. For those that don’t know… The Village is an INCREDIBLE Community of human doings, collective initiatives and inspiring folks dedicated to to amplifying the voices and aspirations of the community. By providing opportunities for artistic expression and personal success that engage youth and their families, revitalizing physical space and preserving black heritage, The Village of Arts and Humanities has been around for over 30-years. We are so lucky to be sharing space and vision and look forward to returning in the spring to help seed the garden bed.

16. Solitary Gardens - The Village, PA copy.jpg

It takes a village…

What an honor it was to work with the students from Pepon Osorio’s Temple University class on Day 1! They Rocked it out, but none of it would have been possible with out the generous space, water, snacks and support of the People’s Paper Co-op, who continue to be an inspiration to us and so many other prison abolitionists.

IMG_1719 copy.jpg
17. Solitary Gardens - The Village, PA copy.jpg

It took a village and a few cold/ wet Philly days, but spend time with the images below and see how we knocked the “less” off hopeless and replaced it with “full” (students words).