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SHAPE Houston TX

It goes without saying that this place is special. To build a garden in collaboration with Brother Deloyd and S.H.A.P.E. feels much like a homecoming for this project and the legacy of Herman Wallace who inspired it. We built the garden as a punctuation of The Garrison’s maiden voyage. The garden will be planted in spring 2019 in part made possible with a generous donation from The Ground Up and the support of Project Row Houses. S.H.A.P.E. Community Center has worked, fought, struggled and endured for over 46 years to strengthen families and communities on a local, national andinternational level. Strong Family, Strong Nation. Our programs, projects and efforts historically have always addressed the comprehensive, wholistic and institutional concerns

Please check back to see how this garden grows into being.

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This bed is located behind the Harambee Building: 3903 Almeda Rd. • Houston, TX 77004

Big Ups to the crew of folks who helped us build out this bed in 2.5 days. Including Ryan, Tamika, Yusef, Yumna Sharif, Dawn, Ute, Mr. Charles, and J.C.!

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Brother Deloyd in front of the garden

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“We are gonna do great things with this garden.”


jackie’s first meeting with Deloyd.

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3rd Ward magic from day one.